Trattoria dalla Bice is open from 12 to 2 pm  and from 7,30, to 9,30 pm, except Mondays for lunch and Tuesdays ( whole day).

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You will find a selection of traditional dishes combine with the best local wines for a meal that get you enjoy the authentic taste of traditional cuisine, we offer the delicious grilled meat.

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An 800s century house has always been a tavern and a grocery run by her grandmother Beatrice called Bice from which the tavern takes the name.It is turned into an inn with a kitchen in 1986 and managed by Maria and her son Bartholomew (Gianni) with mush and soppressa, tripes and omelets.

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In 1990 Emanuela arrives and the kitchen is enriched by other dishes always respecting the tradition of Verona.Finally Enrico arrive, adding a touch of youth keep driving the Bice.

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