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Ponte Veja, between geology and prehistory - Lessinia Regional Natural Park, Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo

The most important geological monument in Lessinia and also an archaeological site of extraordinary beauty.

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Waterfalls Park in  Molina

The Moina Waterfalls Park is located in the South – East of the village in the Vaccarole area and it is expanded on a surface of about 80.000 mq. It includes the last area of Valle di Molina and the area that get to Val Cesara and Vaio delle Scalucce. The definitive emersion of the lessinian region was during the Tertiary Age, about 25 – 30 millions years ago, and the stones of this territory, from the time of their exposition in subaerial environment, were submitted to the constant action of weathering that caused their alternation and fragmentation.

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